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Quitting Smoking Is Hard...

We Make It Easy!


An easy, painless way to stop smoking. The treatment eliminates the physical craving for nicotine and alleviates withdrawal symptoms. For what you pay in just a few weeks for cigarettes, you can become smoke-free for good.

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How Laser Therapy can help you quit?

 Non-invasive, painless, drugless therapy aimed to biostimulate your body's natural hormone energy flow points to relieve physical withdrawal symptoms from nicotine.

 Helps the body heal itself and triggers release of endorphins, the natural "feel good" chemicals the body uses to relieve pain and stress. 

  When smokers try to cut back or quit, the absence of nicotine leads to withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal is both physical and mental. Physically, the body is reacting to the absence of nicotine. Psychologically, you are faced with giving up a habit, which is a major change in behavior. Both must be dealt with if quitting is to be successful.    

 Used to treat nicotine addiction, stimulate weight loss, reduce stress, manage pain. The laser can help take away the irritability, short temper, and feelings of anxiety associated with giving up an addiction.

The Process

Because nicotine addiction is more than simply a chemical dependency, our treatment includes:

  1. Relieving the physical need for nicotine without using nicotine.
  2. Addressing the psychological aspects of addiction.
  3. Supporting the body through nutrition to rid it of toxic chemicals.

Since nicotine is an appetite suppressant, many clients are concerned about gaining weight after their treatment. If this is a concern for you, we can trigger additional points to help suppress your appetite and stimulate your metabolic rate.

What to expect during a laser therapy session

  • We highly recommend you stop smoking 1-hour prior to your session. (Not required)
  • Therapy will take place with a laser technician who will gently stimulate acupuncture points, primarily on the hands, face and ear.
  • During the session the emotional and psychological aspects of quitting smoking will be addressed. 
  • During and after treatment you'll feel relaxed, comfortable and peaceful. There is no pain associated with the treatment.
  • Afterwards you'll be able to go back to your normal activities. Most notable effects occur between 18-24 hours after the treatment.
  • In general, it takes the average smoker 3-4 days to rid the body of nicotine or its by-products after stopping.


 Is it safe?

Low-level laser has been deemed by the FDA as a non-significant risk device. It is a bio-stimulation laser not a surgical laser. Because of the low power nature of low level therapy lasers, the effects are biochemical and not thermal so you will feel no pain associated with the therapy. Low-level Laser Therapy is completely painless. In fact, most people describe an extremely relaxed feeling after being treated.

 How effective is it?

Clinical studies show success worldwide in the suppression of physical withdrawal and cravings. We recommend two sessions to ensure long-term success, but most of our clients quit with only one treatment. 

The laser that we use is approved as a "non-significant risk device by the FDA, however, the treatment of smoking cessation and weight loss with low level laser is under clinical trials monitored by the FDA. Therefore, we are conducting research trials for both smoking and weight loss.  The purpose of these trials is to establish the effectiveness of the treatment with low-level laser on nicotine addiction and weight loss. You will be given and informed consent prior to treatment which will be reviewed with you by one of our approved research investigators.

Prior to receiving treatment you will be asked to sign an informed consent, and then you will be enrolled in the trial. Once you are enrolled and receive the treatment, you will be followed for 3 - 6 months, depending on which treatment you are receiving.  

 Is it guaranteed?

Unfortunately, because of the complexities of the psychological side of the addiction, no one can force you to stop smoking, but we can help to eliminate the withdrawal and physical cravings with the use of this treatment.

Nicotine addiction consists of two factors: the physical addiction and the mental addiction. The laser treatment is designed to relieve the physical withdrawal symptoms, but will not give you amnesia! If you have smoked a pack a day for thirty years, this means you will be making a huge change to your daily routine when you quit. Even if you experience NO physical symptoms, you will still think about smoking. Therefore, while we can not make a guarantee, we will do everything in our power to ensure your success. Laser treatment + education + your commitment = a winning combination. 

We are specially trained to help you eliminate your emotional desire to smoke and will give you nutritional guidelines to help your body detoxify itself very quickly.


 How long does treatment take?

About 30 minutes. There is usually only one treatment required, however about 10% of our clients choose to have a follow-up treatment ("booster").

 Will I gain weight?

If weight gain is a concern, ask your technician to explain our plan options to help suppress your appetite and cravings. 

 How much does it cost?

The average smoker (a pack a day) spends on average $1500 - $1800 annually. The cost of this treatment is not even one third of this amount.

For laser smoking cessation prices click here.


The Benefits of Becoming a Non-Smoker

According to the American Cancer Society, these are the changes that take place in your body when you stop smoking. 

                                    WITHIN 20 MINUTES
       ∙ Body temperature of feet and hands increase to normal
                      ∙ Pulse rate drops to normal rate
                      ∙ Blood pressure drops to normal

                               AFTER 12 HOURS
         ∙ Pulse rate will slow and skin temperature increases
                 ∙ Oxygen level in blood increases to normal
                                          ∙ Carbon monoxide level in blood drops to normal

∙ Chance of heart attack decreases due to improved cardiac function and circulation
∙ Fine motor coordination will improve

∙ Nerve endings start regrowing, therefore ability to smell and taste is enhanced

∙ Bronchial tubes relax, making breathing easier
∙ Lung capacity increases

∙ Circulation, stamina and walking improves

∙ Coughing, sinus congestion, fatigue and shortness of breath decrease
∙ Cilia re-generates in lungs increasing ability to reduce infection.
∙ Energy increases

∙ Risk of heart disease decreases 90%
∙ Heart will have returned to nearly normal condition

Detoxification Program for Smokers

Most smokers believe that if they stop smoking, their risk for developing lung cancer drops quickly.  Yet heavy smokers may never lower their risk to the same level as that of those who never smoked.  Studies suggest that the cancer risk for people who have smoked for at least 15 years never returns to the risk of a never-smoker.  According to the American Lung Association, about 40 percent to 50 percent of new lung cancer cases may occur in former smokers.

Why do these people develop lung cancer so many years after they kicked the habit?  It happens because all those toxins from cigarette smoke are still lodged inside their cells.  Cigarette smoke contains over 500 known carcinogenic toxins that become stored inside the trillions of cells in the personís body.  Thatís why if you are an ex-smoker it makes sense for you to rid your body of those toxins and prevent disease in the future.

Stop Smoking Laser Center is the only wellness facility that is not only helping people quit smoking, but also cleanses their body from toxins. 

Our technicians use high tech laser acupuncture that has been proven very effective for smoking cessation.  The detoxification is provided through the use of Ionic Detox Foot Bath.

If you are an ex-smoker, Stop Smoking Laser Center can help you decrease your chances of developing life-threatening diseases later in life.

Ionic Detox Foot Bath

The Ionic Detox Foot Bath is a highly effective, drug-free way to detoxify, cleanse and balance the whole body by using negative ions. By charging the water in a foot tub with a mild current, it gently pulls clogged, toxic material from the vessels and nodes of the lymphatic system through the 2000+ pores in the feet.

Using this system, cells are energized by the ions to release oils, acids, heavy metals, fats, cellular debris, and other toxins which have accumulated in the tissues and joints over lifetime. This technology can also eliminate parasites and pinworms, as well as nicotine from the tissue and joints, even of people who have quit smoking years earlier. As your body becomes detoxified, cleansed and balanced, you will experience a feeling of well-being, increased energy and improved mental clarity.

$50.00 Per Session

Package of 4 sessions $180.00/$45.00 a session

Package of 8 sessions $320.00/$40.00 a session


The video below is an actual treatment that was filmed at our facility.

Former Smokersí Testimonials

"I came in your office the day after New Year's this year for the low laser smoking cessation therapy. It has now been over 7 months since I have been smoke free and just wanted to thank you. I was truly scared at first to try the low laser therapy and wasn't sure if it was going to work, but it really did! I know a big part of it was my own self control too, but the one treatment I had was all I needed, I never felt the need for a second.

I recommend to anyone who is really serious about quitting smoking, call Alternative Two in Lyndhurst about their low laser therapy for smoking cessation...it worked for me! Thanks again Alternative Two."

          - Janine C.

"I have to tell you I am doing really well.  I never dreamed this program would work so well.  Yes, a commitment is required, but this program helps to keep the commitment.  I just want to thank you for being the type of person you are.  The commitment you have to these programs has given many people piece of mind and their life back.  I am one of those.  You'll never know how much this has meant to me.  AND-- my kids just bought me a mountain bike for my birthday.  I am so excited because since I quit smoking I feel well enough to exercise again!!!!"

          - Barbara D., 40-year smoker

"I've had your laser therapy done in and I am proud to say I have not smoked since! I feel great and I am so happy I had the treatment. Thank you for your help I remain "Smoke-Free".

         - Johanna, 10-year smoker

"I quit smoking with the help of Laser Therapy. It has been 2 weeks and 3 days and I feel wonderful! It's amazing! I have absolutely NO cravings for cigarettes."

        - Tricia, 5-year smoker 

"It has now been just over 2 weeks since I had the laser treatment done. I feel great! No more coughing when I wake up, and no more of that nasty smell. It has worked so well that 8 more of my friends have gone. ALL SUCCESSFUL! Great job! I will recommend this to anyone who wants to quit."

        - Jan, 12-year smoker

"I admit I was very nervous about this. I had been a very heavy smoker for over 10 years. At this time of my life I had just lost my mother to lung cancer, everyone wanted me to quit but I didn't. I kept smoking. Then one day I heard about Laser Therapy and decided I wanted to quit. I am happy to say to this day, I haven't touched a cigarette."

        - Deborah

"My overall health has improved and I can breathe much better since I quit smoking. I hope that if you really want to quit smoking you have Laser Therapy help you. It really helped me."

        - Linda, 25-year smoker

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