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According to the American Lung Association, nicotine single handedly kills an estimated 442,398 Americans each year from diseases related to smoking.

Additional health care costs to businesses for smokers are well over $600.00 per year. Smokers can cost employers an extra $65.00 per year for accidental injury and related workers compensation costs. Smokers have twice the accident rate of non-smokers due in part to loss of attention, eye irritations and cough. The percentage of smokers to become disabled and retire early is almost six times greater than non-smokers.

On average, smokers are absent 50% more often than nonsmokers. A study found that cigarette smokers missed 5.5 more days of work per year than non-smoking employees. Smokers cost you temporary replacements, low productivity as well as a drop in morale among employees who are on the job and must cope with the absences.

Incredible time is lost each day due to cigarette breaks. On an average, 3.5 cigarette breaks are taken per day, ranging 5-15 minutes each time and an additional 1-2 times during non-break periods by almost every person who smokes.

What will this cost you the Employer? A one time minimal investment in your employees, which you will make back within the first year, compared to what you directly pay out on average each year in healthcare costs, temps, training and new employees.

What will you the Employer get in return? You will receive more efficiency, productivity, attentiveness, energy, and overall better health from your employees who used to smoke. You may also retain these loyal and valuable employees who are now happier and show confidence with their employer due to an effort to help them better their lives. In turn, you will save time and money on health care costs, smoke breaks, sick days, temps, training new employees and again lack of productivity.

For further information about our corporate discount program or to schedule an appointment to meet with a Stop Smoking Laser Center representative, call us at 201-729-1217 or e-mail us at info@QuitNowUSA.com.


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